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William: Still Barking

This is the sequel to the popular Barking Mad in Barnstaple by Grace Dorey, which presented a humorous account of the first year in the life of a wilful Golden Retriever puppy named William. William: Still Barking continues the story of the ‘hound from hell’ and recalls how the local farmer threatened to shoot him, how he exterminated rabbits, birds and mice, and frightened the grandchildren, and how the family were concerned that an uncontrolled dog, the size of a rogue elephant, would be too strong for his petite owner.

It shows that even the most disobedient dog can be tamed by a mixture of love, patience and regular training, provided that anything edible or of value is kept well out of reach. When he was two years old, he was taken to France to see how he behaved compared with the riot he caused the previous year; he was a different dog, who behaved well most of the time. His remaining (rather endearing) fault was an ability to perform a unique gymnastic display on the beach until he was caked in sand and unrecognisable as the dog we affectionately call ‘William’.

Heart warming and amusing, William: Still Barking will delight any one with a love of animals – and the canine kind most of all.

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